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Welcome to Cheetham Photography

"Hi there"

I'd like to welcome you to Cheetham Photography, whether this be your first interaction with us or your hundredth. Here I want to give myself the chance to introduce myself and our services.

Who is Thomas Cheetham?

Having started out photographing my little sisters dance show in 2014, I consider myself to have come a very long way, not only in my ability as a photographer but also as a business owner (a concept I had never considered until I was one). Since this initial interaction with commercial photography I have been very fortunate to fall into many exciting situations from my routes in dance to weddings, conferences and much more.

Weddings are possibly my favorite type of shoot, I love being part of so many people's special days and capturing their memories (cliche, sorry!) that you know will be kept forever. While weddings may be my overall favorite, I maintain a huge love for dance and wider performance photography, the talent I get to see is unbelievable.

Cheetham Photography (it didn't take long to name) was conceived shortly before my first commercial project, since then the brand has been through quite a few styles and ways of running, starting with voluntary jobs and eventually hitting commercial, paid for, jobs. Having run the company within another company, while I was an apprentice there, I made the big step to finish my apprenticeship and begin my current life as a self employed photographer.

Thomas Cheetham [Owner/Lead Photographer]

Our Services

I am always up for a new challenge which is why you will find our Facebook is full of different events and types of photography, because as long as I know I can do a good job I will try and take on any job, not only is it fun but it keeps it diverse.

Our main services are easy to spot on our social channels and website but lets go through them anyway:

  • Weddings

  • Photo Booths

  • Dance/Theatre Shows & Competitions

  • Live events

  • Conferences

Having now shot these services now for 3 years I am very well rehearsed in how they operate and how to get the best results. Despite this I will always do a full consultation before every event and plan accordingly.

Plans for the future...

I've not finished exploring all of the different kinds of photography yet, and I'm certainly not getting tired of what I do, so, the plan for now is to carry on. I want to push this business to achieve bigger and better things, while maintaining a charming manner and reasonable pricing.

I'd love the opportunity to shoot for you and show off what we can do. You can see loads of info about our services and get in touch via our website, I look forward to hearing from you.


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