• Thomas Cheetham

5 Tips: Save Money on your Wedding

The average wedding in the UK now costs £30,335 per couple according to the Bridebook National Wedding Survey. That is a staggering amount of money to be spending on one day of your life, and while we know that you want the perfect day, we've put together some handy tips to keep some of that cash in your pockets.

1. Less Popular Dates

There are 365 days in a year and a good portion of them make summer (yes even in the UK), these dates are often much more expensive to book with venues and suppliers, therefore it might be worth considering utilising the other half of the year. There are great deals to be had in the autumn and winter months, and if you can get a date closer to the ends of these seasons you might still get the tail end of summer. That being said there is no need to fear winter weddings, most venues now have glorious inside or sheltered areas so even if the rain does come to your wedding, there's plenty of ways to still enjoy the excellent venue you have booked.

A Little add-on to this concept is booking a midweek wedding, providing you give your guests enough notice there shouldn't really be any issues.

2. DIY Wedding

A seemingly dangerous topic can actually be very easy when you DIY the right things. So before you go building your own 'wooden flower archway' or convince yourself that selfies will be good enough for photos consider what skills you already have or what might be quite easy to learn and have a go. Popular starting places are stationary and favours, there are loads of ideas out there for both of these so take to Google and find the best for you.

3. Opt for cheaper packages

This is a seemingly very simple tip but probably the one most people set aside, in search of the perfect package. There are so many ways to save by opting for lower packages, for example, if you look at our photography packages you'll see the Ceremony Package, in this you get a great selection of ceremony photos, some groups and couple shots. I find that this is all most people actually need as your guests can easily capture those evening moments for you, while you still get those big important shots done professionally. The same concept applies to most products and services, there are usually multiple packages and you can usually utilise a cheaper package and get great results.

However you must bear in mind that while cheaper packages are any easy way to save money you are getting less, so I suggest prioritising the services you want and need.

4. "Don't Ask, Don't Get"

Possibly a little cheeky this one but its worth a shot!

Does your auntie make a mean cake? Is your neighbour good with flowers? Ask them if they'll help. The worse they can do is say no, but if they happen to be nice people maybe they'll make you an amazing homemade wedding cake, or arrange your flowers. The possibilities are endless and while you may still have to pay these people for the cost of materials and a little bit of time, it definitely won't be as expensive as hiring a professional. (Just remember you can't expect the best in this situation, you can only expect lovingly created)

A less popular tactic, and definitely one to use in moderation is to ask actual suppliers if they can help with the costs of the product. Some will discount out of kindness, some may offer you a payment scheme, some may offer you a discount in exchange for something. Don't now think that you will be getting the worlds best deal (you won't) but you may get something just for asking nicely. I must stress as a wedding supplier that this is best used in moderation, many are happy to help when they can, but you may upset some if you ask in the wrong way.

5. Is it Necessary?

The final money saving tip is to ask the very simple question, "Do we NEED it?", the answer for a lot of things you will probably find is... NO. For example; "Do we need a Dove Release?", the answer is 'No', it might be nice to have, and if it's within your budget go for it, if not don't have it.

“Marriage in this country is the union of two people voluntarily entered into for life to the exclusion of all others" therefore as long as you have your partner by your side and you have a ceremony surrounded by the people you love most, nothing else matters. Almost every element of a wedding is great to have but not strictly necessary, keep it as small or as big as you wish, as long as you get married at some point in the day you've succeeded.

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