• Thomas Cheetham

How to get the most from your Wedding Photos

Wedding photographers are highly trained and very experienced individuals who can, regardless of the location, weather or time, always capture phenomenal photographs to remember your big day. However these skills are nothing without a little help from you, our wonderful couples. Using the guidance below you can help your photographer get the photos that you really want, and that will make your gallery, album or prints extra special.

September 2018 Wedding
Happy and Relaxed = Great Photos

Choose a style!

You may have hired a photographer that shoots in a very particular style, however most photographers have a varied portfolio and would prefer to shoot the style that you choose. (After all it is YOUR wedding) Don't worry though, you don't need a photography degree to learn the names of styles, I recommend to all of my clients to find 5 minutes to browse the internet for wedding photos, Pinterest is a great place to search. Then send your favourite shots to your photographer, this gives us a great idea of the style you like.

A quick search for your venue followed by 'wedding photos' will often bring up a galleries from previous weddings your venue hosted.

Make a list!

Not just helpful for your photographer but keeps the stress off you as well. Create a list of the group photos you would like captured, keep it simple and short. This is such a helpful resource at any wedding, not only does your wedding photographer not have to worry about making sure your groups get done but also lets us manage our time better. For you the stress of coming up with groups on the spot is removed and your less likely to forget anybody.

A great extra to this is nominate a bridesmaid or groomsman as 'chief person fetcher'. Your photographer does not know your guests, we can't just read a list and find the people, so having someone who does know speeds up your group photos and saves us shouting out names.

Plan the day!

You must meet your photographer before your wedding. This meeting will usually be about a month before and allows you to discuss your style, the group and couple shots you want, as well as lets us plan out the day to allocate time for everything you need. Often your timings are already set, especially for your ceremony and wedding breakfast, therefore your photographer will need to work out what space is available and allocate time for your groups. Personally I always try to give you as much time as possible to spend time with your guests, if this is important to you mention to your photographer that you would like some time away from posing and smiling. This also gives a photographer chance to capture the candid/natural shots.

Ignore your photographer!

This is important, when your not taking your formal group and couple photos make sure you ignore your photographer, go off and enjoy your guests, laugh, smile and be happy. Your photographer won't be far away, they'll be shooting those all important candid/natural photos.

Show off your photos!

Your wedding photos will be some of the most important ever taken, don't keep them hidden on a USB or Disk, PRINT PRINT PRINT. All photos look better printed and whether that be an album or some amazing wall art I believe its important to show off your photos away from a screen. You can book some fantastic packages with these products but may save money by having a USB only and buying prints later.

I hope this information has helps you get the most from your photographer.

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