Thomas Cheetham

Owner & Lead Photographer

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About Me

I'm Thomas Cheetham, the Owner and Lead Photographer at Cheetham Photography.

My photography career has occurred quite by accident really (a very happy accident by the way), there was no great childhood calling to be a photographer, however an opportunity to study photography while in secondary education gave me my first experience with a camera, and from that moment I knew I needed to learn as much as I could about this artistic medium.

Since then I have explored all aspects of photography but found I most enjoyed interacting with people at Weddings and Events and so I built a career around my hobby.

I shot my very first commercial event in 2014 and continue to cover the same event even now.

I've made a number of friends along the way, a few of them I now have the pleasure of working with on a great number of events and am lucky enough to offer joint services. (You can meet them below)

If you're completely encapsulated by my story so far you can read more about me and the business on my blog.


Scott Dawson

Subcontracted Assistant

Scott and I have known each other from 2015 and is without doubt one of the influencing characters in forming this business. Today we share resources and assist each other with day to day business as well as on site.

You can expect to see Scott working at one of our photo booths or assisting with sales at Dance Festivals.

Scott himself runs a very successful videography business at Hartshead Productions with whom I regularly work with at weddings and other events.


Nick Butterworth

Subcontracted Assistant

Nick originally started out volunteering with Scott at Hartshead Productions, since then however he has taken to setting up his own business as a skilled video producer and photographer at Butterworth Creative Productions.

Nick assists Cheetham Photography with a variety of projects and also acts as a second photographer when required.